In Kentucky, state law requires that all school personnel receive training each year in strategies to decrease the need for restraint and seclusion in schools. As part of this effort, CIBRS will be producing videos for schools to use in a continuing process of professional development. The focus for all content is on prevention but there is also a component of awareness for how to address more seriously challenging behaviors. This set of videos provide an overview of how mental health issues may affect students’ behavior and success in school. Information about identification and what teachers can do to improve relationships with all students is combined with resources for accessing more intensive services for those in need.

Introduction and Logic

Mental health can be a confusing topic – especially when considered across the entire school. In this module we simply want to provide you with some information that may help you as you consider mental health as a part of educating the whole child.
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Screening for MH

Children and young adults often don’t seek help for mental health problems on their own. It is up to us to notice when something doesn’t seem right, and to reach out in a supportive way. In this unit we’ll discuss how mental illness is not always obvious – but likely involves a pattern of behavior rather than just a single incident.
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Support for MH

In this unit we will discuss the role that all adults play in supporting the mental wellness needs of all students. Everyone in the school setting can provide support and help ensure that school-related protective factors are in place.
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This unit discusses how to access resources and further information. Remember, you are not expected to become an expert in mental health intervention. But we all are the first line of assessment in the school so we need to be aware of the available resources.
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