CIBRS Resources

As part of the CIBRS mission, we strive to provide schools and other service providers with information, examples, and resources to support the highest level of effective intervention across all students. As such, we will continually provide updates on available resources – both those created by CIBRS and those created elsewhere and available to practitioners. The following are links to additional projects, information, handouts, and resources that may be helpful in considering high-probability practices in school settings.

Manuals and Tools

ABRI School Assessment (ASA)

The ASA is a fidelity instrument for assessing the degree to which schools are effectively implementing multi-tiered systems of support in the areas of reading, math, writing, and behavior. Each content area has a separate section so that assessment can be tailored to a school’s interests. The ABRI project uses this assessment as a means of evaluating the degree to which schools are implementing as trained.

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References and Readings for Further Support

Items listed here are those that are frequently referenced in the CIBRS work and that have implications for future research and practice. This list will be continually updated and we welcome suggestions for additions.


FBA and BIP Form

FBA/BIP Form as Word.doc